American Bandstand hit the airwaves on this day......

August 5th 1957 the worlds of music and television would meet for one of the first times and our life was turned upside down. American Bandstand had been on the air locally in Philadelphia since 1950 and had 3 previous hosts before Dick Clark took the help in 1956 but it wasn't until Dick pitched the show to ABC that it was finally picked up nationally. I should also mention Dick was only 26 years old at this time! American Bandstand revolutionized the way we consumed our music and learned of new acts. Teenagers finally felt like they had an outlet for the music they loved as Rock N' Roll music was just starting to hit the scene. Dick Clark would go on to host the show until it's final season in 1989. Below is an episode from that first season back in 1957. And if you're into things like this, like I am, here is a link to an article with 8 surprising facts about the show!!

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

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