Wisconsin Diner Named One Of America's 16 Most Iconic Old-Fashioned Diners

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Wisconsin may be home to some unique new restaurants, but sometimes a meal from a blast-from-the-past restaurant is all you need to have a good time.

Eat This, Not That! looked around the country for some of the best old-school diners that are worth a visit, compiling a list of the 16 most iconic diners from a century-old eatery that started as a horse-drawn lunch wagon to a retro chrome diner with a classic menu that will feel like a step back to the '50s in the best way. One restaurant in the Badger State managed to snag a spot on the list.

Franks Diner, a longtime local favorite in Kenosha, has been serving the community and all who stop by for about 100 years and is even a certified historic landmark. Franks Diner is located at 508 58th Street in Kenosha.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Well-known Frank's Diner, a registered historic landmark, is the oldest continuing lunch car diner in all of the United States. The restaurant was founded by Anthony Franks in the 1920s when, after reading a magazine article, he decided to put down $7,500 (and $315 in shipping costs) to start his own business.
"Featuring a menu filled with tasty options, like silver dollar pancakes, homemade French toast, a chili and cheddar omelet, and their praised 'garbage plates' — platters filled with meat, vegetables, cheese, and more — Franks Diner not only is a favorite among locals and tourists but has attracted its fair share of celebrities. People like Duke Ellington, The Three Stooges, Liberace, and Mark Ruffalo have all dined here, and plenty of Green Bay Packers football players have visited, also."

Check out Eat This, Not That!'s full list to read up on some of America's most iconic old-fashioned diners.

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